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How to style mom jeans

Do you also have mom jeans in your closet and you don’t know how to wear this and what to combine them with? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

I bought my first mom jeans last year and I have to say I love wearing them! I couldn’t live without it anymore. I have already tried different styles with my mom jeans but I still think my best outfit is my mom jeans with a regular white t-shirt. Love it! It’s easy to combine with a blazer! Here you see a few pictures:

I also have dark gray mom jeans (bought last week). Waaw those pants are easy to wear! Dark colors have always been my favorite so I’m glad I finally found mom jeans that fit me! This time I combined my mom jeans with a printed blouse to create a playful look. I wear sneakers underneath because I think this is a nice combination, but you can also wear short boots underneath if you want. 

Literally, I think mom jeans are the best invention ever! You can combine it with so many different clothes and you can create so many different looks with it! 

If it were up to me I never took them off and wore them every day! But if you are a person who is always cold in winter, like me, this is not ideal to wear. So I’m looking forward to spring where it gets warmer so I can wear them back! 

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The winter of corduroy

This winter, the soft, warm fabric is taking over the racks: wide pants, mini skirts, overshirts, dresses, and jumpsuits in surprising shades make these months less gray.

Soft, strong ridges

Corduroy, also called velvet, is a woven fabric with soft ribbing, usually lengthwise. There is also a finer variant of the classic rib fluwel. This ultra-soft, supple fabric with extra thin ribbing is called tinneroy or baby rib. 

From the 19th century onwards, corduroy became the preferred material for trousers and cardigans that had to take a beating. It was not until the ’60s that designers saw the fashion content of the fabric and corduroy broke through with the cool kids from the ’70s. The corduroy trousers, tight at the butt, loose at the ankles Thanks to the wide, flared legs, are inextricably linked to the 1970s.

In the 80s, corduroy remained the absolute winter favorite, but from the nineties onwards its popularity gradually faded and the fabric hung again for years mainly in the wardrobes of the over-60s. And as it goes: what disappears in the back of the closet will one day get a second chance. Corduroy was the surprise on the catwalks in 2017 during the winter of 2018, the major retail chains also had their eye on the potential and filled their shelves with surprising models in pastel to warm tones. We are still in the vibe because this winter the comfy corduroy privets the warmth. 

The special thing about the current collection is that its sagging, dusty image is completely outdated. We already saw a gigantic color palette, with soft pastel shades such al lilac and blush, warm colors such as brick red, curry yellow, and rust, but also stylish black, navy or ice blue, so that the traditional brown and green hardly stand a chance. In addition, the classic ribbed pants were not only paired with wide trousers with a high waist to flared trousers, but also the cool overshirts, the sexy mini skirts, the colorful suit, the cool bucket hat, the relaxed overall, the stylish jumpsuit, the smooth buttoned dress, the casual blazer, … 

There is a retro, seventies vibe to the fabric, but more importantly, some attention is paid to the cut – sexy, feminine, and streamlined or just relaxed, cool to cool – so your corduroy choice never looks outdated. In addition, the fabric fits in perfectly with our current love of texture: we fall for things that are pleasant to touch, both at home and in the wardrobe. Surrounded by velvet soft ridges all day long? Not bad, moreover, the texture provides character, and that – tighter with the fresh uplifting to warm colors – is exactly what we can use these gray days! 

Corduroy is very easy to combine. There is only one rule: because it is a fabric with structure and therefore attracts attention, it is better to keep the rest of your silhouette one-dimensional. 

Here a few styling tips:

Planned a walk? Tuck your corduroy pants into your long rubber boots, show off a piece of your long socks, tuck your sweater into your pants and go! 

Are you going for a short corduroy dress? Wear a turtleneck with a striking print underneath. 

The short, corduroy skirt with buttons remains a winner for those who love the French look. Combine with a super soft wool sweater and ankle boots. 

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Flannel shirts

A flannel shirt is cool, and I think a lot of women would agree! You can also wear them in different ways, depending on the occasion. 

I have 2 of these shirts in my closet. The ones I have are quite thick in quality, so I like to wear them open. As you can see in the picture here I am wearing simple black pants with a white turtleneck, above I’m wearing one of the shirts. This time I combine them with my white Nike Air Force sneakers. 

Here a little bit more info about the flannel shirt: 

Flannel is a type of textile made of loosely spun yarn woven in a linen or twill weave. Usually, it is a one – or two-sided brushed cotton fabric, but flannel can also be made from synthetic fibers or composed of different fibers. Originally flannel was made of wool. The fabric is often used for bedding, pajamas, and shirts. Flannel has its origins in Wales, where it was manufactured from the 17th century onwards. 

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The biggest fashion trends of 2021

Pretty in pink:

We could use a colorful boost in 2021 after the past year. What color can do that better than bright pink! The trend was frequently spotted on the catwalks of the upcoming season; from oversized pink blouses at Valentino to bright pink suits at Balmain. In any case, we are spontaneously happy at the sight of this color and cannot wait to wear it full this year! 

Relaxed suits:

Two-piece suits have been back on the streets for a long time and are a big favorite look with many models. In 2021, the suit will receive a comfortable update in the form of ultra-relaxed variants in the form of loose trousers and oversized blazers made of the softest materials, which feel like a refined home suit. Working from home but make it fashionable! 


While see-through clothing takes us back to the zeroes for a moment, there is a powerful thought behind this sheer trend for many fashion houses. The fashion industry wants to be more open and transparent than ever, bringing its visualization back to semi-transparent looks where your skin is visible. 

Wide jeans:

Bye-bye skinny jeans; 2021 is all about wide and loose denim pants! In the wake of the many working from home looks, comfort is now also at the forefront of jeans – arguably one of the most uncomfortable clothing items. The comfy item appeared on the catwalks of Victoria Beckham and Chloé, among others, where it soon becomes clear that you will never want to take these jeans off again! 

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Trench coats

Believe it or not, the trench coat keeps returning. This time he can’t be crazy enough. Think, for example, of a leather variant or in bright colors. It just depends on how you feel and want to style yourself for fall. 

Here a little bit of history about the trench coat: 

A trench coat is a raincoat made of gabardine, leather, or poplin. The appearance of the jacket owes its military origin. It usually has a removable insulating liner and the classic models vary in length from calf height to just above the knee. Furthermore, it traditionally has a double row of ten buttons in total, wide lapels, and a belt around the waist and the ends of the sleeves. Often there are also flaps on the shoulders that can be closed with buttons. The classic color for a trench coat is khaki. 

The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the thick woolen overcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. The invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum.


During the First World War, shoulder flaps and straps were added to the design of the trench coat. The shoulder flaps were used to attach epaulets and other rank insignia; according to a roll monkey story, the straps were used to attach hand grenades. In reality, swords and cards were attached. 

After the war many veterans took their trench coats home with them, so the coats also started to appear on the streets and quickly became common as raincoats for both men and women.

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Panty’s / tights

Tights are fundamentally nylon stockings with pants in one. Tights came onto the market in 1967, partly due to the rise of mini skirt fashion. Because of the pantyhose, the long stocking with suspender virtually disappeared from the fashion scene. The wearing comfort of tights is considered better by many women. Mesh tights are knotted or woven tights, tights are a diminutive of trousers. The word panty is an abbreviation of the English pantyhose, literally trousers.

Over the years, tights have become more popular. You can buy them in all different colors and with prints on them. But the popular remains the black tights. There are mainly worn in autumn and winter.

In the spring the skin-colored tights are worn again.

You can also create different styles with tights. You can wear them sporty with a sneaker or you can wear them very classically with a heel or with a dress shoe. You can also give your classic outfit a different touch by adding boots.

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Teddy jackets

Like we have the fur coat, we also have teddy coats. It looks a bit like the fur coat, the biggest difference is that it’s made out of a different fabric. Most teddy coats are made of cotton and polyester. 

The coat has been on the rise for several years, but this year it really seems to have its big break! If you choose a long teddy winter coat, then you choose a wonderfully warm winter coat that is also incredibly stylish! 

You can also style this jacket in different ways: opt for a black glam look with fake leather pants, black boots, and a black long teddy coat. Do you prefer pastel colors? Then you can really find your thing in the shop this season. This coat also looks great on over-the-knee boots and a cute floral dress. 

Even with a hoodie and combat boots, this jacket looks great! You see: whatever you wear, your teddy winter coat completes your look. 

Would you love to add a teddy coat to your collection, but you don’t like long winter coats at all? No problem: this top jacket is also available in shorter variants! One of the nicest winter coat 2021 fashion trends is exactly a short teddy winter coat in a very bright color. 

This jacket is so trendy that you can also pick it up in this winter’s trendiest colors: navy, dark brown, emerald green, yellow ochre, orange, bright pink, bright purple, or in a fantastic print. You name it, and you will find it!

Another nice styling tip: wear this jacket with a nice shirt with print or with a logo tee. Wear your jacket over nice warm and thick tights, over skinny jeans, or just over some more baggy ones. This dress even looks great over a party dress! 

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Bont / fur

The fur is a skinned, soft-haired animal hide, tanned with the preservation of the hair. The fur is therefore a skinned and tanned coat or fur, but the term fur is also used for garments made of fur.

Because of its insulating quality, fur is used for making or feeding clothing, duvets, footwear, handbags, and muffles, among other things. Fur can be made from the skins of wild animals, animals slaughtered for meat, or specially bred animals. 

Real fur is not only a necessity of life in extremely cold regions, it is also a luxury product. The quality far exceeds that of synthetic or imitation fur, both in terms of heat retention and durability. Production has increased in recent years from 25 million pelts per year (worldwide) to 60 million pelts per year.

You also have different styles of fur coats, you have long models and you have short models. You also have those that are oversized and also have fitted ones.

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Silk is a natural substance that is secreted by certain insects and solidifies on contact with the air. Best known for its production is the silkworm. The larva of a butterfly species. Certain spiders are suitable for silk farming. While the caterpillars make their cocoons with it, spiders weave their webs from it. Both the textile fiber and the final textile are referred to as silk. Silk fabrics are loved for their shine, suppleness, and soft texture, but the production is expensive. Silk was transported from China to Europe via the Silk Road. 

Types of silk fabrics:

Raw silk: silk that has been dyed, but not cooked

Wild silk: silk from an insect other than the silkworm

Ahimsa silk: silk where the silkworms are not killed during production

Crape silk (corruption of crepe silk)


Samite silk

Dupion silk

Picture of raw silk
Picture of crepe silk
Picture of wild silk
Picture of taffeta
Picture of dupion silk
Picture of ahimsa silk
picture of samite silk



Silk painting

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Jeans, also known as denim, is a twill weave and is widely used for clothing. It is a particularly strong twill cotton fabric.

Denim is an abbreviation of the original French name Serge de Nîmes. In Nîmes, the fabric was first manufactured by the André family for the herders of the Camargue. The bluejeans got its name from the blue indigo dye and the French name Bleu de Gênes (Blue from Genoa) of indigo happened from India via Genoa to the rest of Europe.

Denim is used for the following garments:

Jeans, shorts, capri pants, overalls/dungarees, skirts, dresses, hats, jackets, shirts, swimwear, tailor-made-suits, boots, shoes, sneakers.


Bags, purses, belts, silver jewelry with denim accents.


Sofas, chairs, footstool covers, beanbag, office chairs, lampshades.

Denim is mainly used to make jeans clothing. The Americans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were the first to do this in the nineteenth century. 

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