Things I bought in January

Here’s another blog post about myself! This one is about the things I bought in January. With this one, I had to check my bills haha! And I thought I hadn’t bought that much in January, well I was wrong!

My first purchase of the month was a white Bernadette pullover and a dress from Louise Marie Boutique. I bought these 2 items in the sales. Below a photo of it.

My next purchase was on, where I bought the first book of the Outlander series. I have completely watched the series until season 4. While I wait for the 5th season, I started reading the books. And I have to admit it the books are pretty amazing! 

This was one of my favorite purchases, I bought a teddy coat from a friend of mine who has her own webshop. Be sure to take a look at her webshop

This was also a nice purchase, I went to visit my ex-colleagues from my previous work and bought a blouse there and super nice leather pants in dark red. It was so nice to see my ex-colleagues again!

Link to the blouse

Link to the pants (the leather pants are out of stock but I linked similar pants)

My penultimate purchase was a USB C hub for my MacBook. Super handy! This way you can still use a USB stick or an SD card.

My last purchase was again a Bernadette pullover but this time a red one. Red is one of my favorite colors because you can wear it every season I think. I bought it by Vestiti Flo!

For those wo read my previous blog post, as you know I mentioned that I bought new leather converse Chuck Taylor shoes! And they’ve arrived whiiiii! They are sooooo beautiful! And also very comfortable like my other! 

Thank you dear readers for supporting me in this adventure!

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Lots of love

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