The winter of corduroy

This winter, the soft, warm fabric is taking over the racks: wide pants, mini skirts, overshirts, dresses, and jumpsuits in surprising shades make these months less gray.

Soft, strong ridges

Corduroy, also called velvet, is a woven fabric with soft ribbing, usually lengthwise. There is also a finer variant of the classic rib fluwel. This ultra-soft, supple fabric with extra thin ribbing is called tinneroy or baby rib. 

From the 19th century onwards, corduroy became the preferred material for trousers and cardigans that had to take a beating. It was not until the ’60s that designers saw the fashion content of the fabric and corduroy broke through with the cool kids from the ’70s. The corduroy trousers, tight at the butt, loose at the ankles Thanks to the wide, flared legs, are inextricably linked to the 1970s.

In the 80s, corduroy remained the absolute winter favorite, but from the nineties onwards its popularity gradually faded and the fabric hung again for years mainly in the wardrobes of the over-60s. And as it goes: what disappears in the back of the closet will one day get a second chance. Corduroy was the surprise on the catwalks in 2017 during the winter of 2018, the major retail chains also had their eye on the potential and filled their shelves with surprising models in pastel to warm tones. We are still in the vibe because this winter the comfy corduroy privets the warmth. 

The special thing about the current collection is that its sagging, dusty image is completely outdated. We already saw a gigantic color palette, with soft pastel shades such al lilac and blush, warm colors such as brick red, curry yellow, and rust, but also stylish black, navy or ice blue, so that the traditional brown and green hardly stand a chance. In addition, the classic ribbed pants were not only paired with wide trousers with a high waist to flared trousers, but also the cool overshirts, the sexy mini skirts, the colorful suit, the cool bucket hat, the relaxed overall, the stylish jumpsuit, the smooth buttoned dress, the casual blazer, … 

There is a retro, seventies vibe to the fabric, but more importantly, some attention is paid to the cut – sexy, feminine, and streamlined or just relaxed, cool to cool – so your corduroy choice never looks outdated. In addition, the fabric fits in perfectly with our current love of texture: we fall for things that are pleasant to touch, both at home and in the wardrobe. Surrounded by velvet soft ridges all day long? Not bad, moreover, the texture provides character, and that – tighter with the fresh uplifting to warm colors – is exactly what we can use these gray days! 

Corduroy is very easy to combine. There is only one rule: because it is a fabric with structure and therefore attracts attention, it is better to keep the rest of your silhouette one-dimensional. 

Here a few styling tips:

Planned a walk? Tuck your corduroy pants into your long rubber boots, show off a piece of your long socks, tuck your sweater into your pants and go! 

Are you going for a short corduroy dress? Wear a turtleneck with a striking print underneath. 

The short, corduroy skirt with buttons remains a winner for those who love the French look. Combine with a super soft wool sweater and ankle boots. 

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