My all time favorite shoes

Here’s a bit about myself, I’m going to try to write a bit about myself now and then. Today that’s about my all-time favorite shoes. 

*Drum roll* 

Converse – Chuck Taylor all star lift 👟

One day I saw a girl walking in these shoes, I immediately fell in love with them. I thought it was so beautiful and I was already planning outfits in my head.  I went looking for them and finally found them! I ordered them online and was very excited when they arrived.  When I put them on for the first time I never wanted to take them off again. The shoes were really comfortable. They also wear very easily. They are also easy shoes to combine. This way you can make a stylish outfit more sporty. I’ve had them for over a year now and I still enjoy wearing them just as much. 

I like to wear them so much that I bought them again this year, but this time in leather. These are still on their way now but I look forward to receiving them. I will certainly keep you posted on my experiences with the leather ones. 

Below I will post a link to the shoes. I bought them both on Zalando.

Link to Zalando:

The ordinary ones in fabric:

The leather ones:

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