Flannel shirts

A flannel shirt is cool, and I think a lot of women would agree! You can also wear them in different ways, depending on the occasion. 

I have 2 of these shirts in my closet. The ones I have are quite thick in quality, so I like to wear them open. As you can see in the picture here I am wearing simple black pants with a white turtleneck, above I’m wearing one of the shirts. This time I combine them with my white Nike Air Force sneakers. 

Here a little bit more info about the flannel shirt: 

Flannel is a type of textile made of loosely spun yarn woven in a linen or twill weave. Usually, it is a one – or two-sided brushed cotton fabric, but flannel can also be made from synthetic fibers or composed of different fibers. Originally flannel was made of wool. The fabric is often used for bedding, pajamas, and shirts. Flannel has its origins in Wales, where it was manufactured from the 17th century onwards. 

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