French manicure

French manicure is a method of decorating nails, In with the tips of the nails are made white and the lower parts are given a pink of natural color.

Here’s a little bit background information:

The French manicure dates back to the Middle Ages. There was a big difference between rich and poor and the rich showed this too. 

The manicure method as we know it today was either introduced depending on the source, by Jeff Pink of the Orly brand, which supplies nail articles to give actresses in the American films of the 1970s a nail look without having to change it every time with each new outfit, either by Max Factor who introduced the French manicure to the French catwalks to draw the visitors ‘attention to the models’ clothes instead of bright artwork on the nails that distracts from what the fashion show was all about. The technique was named French manicure in 1976.

What is French manicure?

With a classic French manicure, the nail gets a nude look, while the edge is painted in radiant white. It gives the nails a natural yet extremely well-groomed appearance. For a perfect French manicure, it is of course important to take good care of and prepare the nails first.

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