Panty’s / tights

Tights are fundamentally nylon stockings with pants in one. Tights came onto the market in 1967, partly due to the rise of mini skirt fashion. Because of the pantyhose, the long stocking with suspender virtually disappeared from the fashion scene. The wearing comfort of tights is considered better by many women. Mesh tights are knotted or woven tights, tights are a diminutive of trousers. The word panty is an abbreviation of the English pantyhose, literally trousers.

Over the years, tights have become more popular. You can buy them in all different colors and with prints on them. But the popular remains the black tights. There are mainly worn in autumn and winter.

In the spring the skin-colored tights are worn again.

You can also create different styles with tights. You can wear them sporty with a sneaker or you can wear them very classically with a heel or with a dress shoe. You can also give your classic outfit a different touch by adding boots.

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