Teddy jackets

Like we have the fur coat, we also have teddy coats. It looks a bit like the fur coat, the biggest difference is that it’s made out of a different fabric. Most teddy coats are made of cotton and polyester. 

The coat has been on the rise for several years, but this year it really seems to have its big break! If you choose a long teddy winter coat, then you choose a wonderfully warm winter coat that is also incredibly stylish! 

You can also style this jacket in different ways: opt for a black glam look with fake leather pants, black boots, and a black long teddy coat. Do you prefer pastel colors? Then you can really find your thing in the shop this season. This coat also looks great on over-the-knee boots and a cute floral dress. 

Even with a hoodie and combat boots, this jacket looks great! You see: whatever you wear, your teddy winter coat completes your look. 

Would you love to add a teddy coat to your collection, but you don’t like long winter coats at all? No problem: this top jacket is also available in shorter variants! One of the nicest winter coat 2021 fashion trends is exactly a short teddy winter coat in a very bright color. 

This jacket is so trendy that you can also pick it up in this winter’s trendiest colors: navy, dark brown, emerald green, yellow ochre, orange, bright pink, bright purple, or in a fantastic print. You name it, and you will find it!

Another nice styling tip: wear this jacket with a nice shirt with print or with a logo tee. Wear your jacket over nice warm and thick tights, over skinny jeans, or just over some more baggy ones. This dress even looks great over a party dress! 

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