Bont / fur

The furΒ is a skinned, soft-haired animal hide, tanned with the preservation of the hair. The fur is therefore a skinned and tanned coat or fur, but the term fur is also used for garments made of fur.

Because of its insulating quality, fur is used for making or feeding clothing, duvets, footwear, handbags, and muffles, among other things. Fur can be made from the skins of wild animals, animals slaughtered for meat, or specially bred animals.Β 

Real fur is not only a necessity of life in extremely cold regions, it is also a luxury product. The quality far exceeds that of synthetic or imitation fur, both in terms of heat retention and durability. Production has increased in recent years from 25 million pelts per year (worldwide) to 60 million pelts per year.

You also have different styles of fur coats, you have long models and you have short models. You also have those that are oversized and also have fitted ones.

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