Silk is a natural substance that is secreted by certain insects and solidifies on contact with the air. Best known for its production is the silkworm. The larva of a butterfly species. Certain spiders are suitable for silk farming. While the caterpillars make their cocoons with it, spiders weave their webs from it. Both the textile fiber and the final textile are referred to as silk. Silk fabrics are loved for their shine, suppleness, and soft texture, but the production is expensive. Silk was transported from China to Europe via the Silk Road. 

Types of silk fabrics:

Raw silk: silk that has been dyed, but not cooked

Wild silk: silk from an insect other than the silkworm

Ahimsa silk: silk where the silkworms are not killed during production

Crape silk (corruption of crepe silk)


Samite silk

Dupion silk

Picture of raw silk
Picture of crepe silk
Picture of wild silk
Picture of taffeta
Picture of dupion silk
Picture of ahimsa silk
picture of samite silk



Silk painting

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