Pied-de-poule is a two-tone textile pattern, characterized by interrupted stitches that make the pattern consist of a tiled shape of abstract quadrangular shapes. The most common color variant is black and white, although other colors are often used.

The pied-de-poule was originally used in woven wool from the Scottish lowlands, which is why the pied-de-poule trend mainly returns every winter. The trend hits the streets in autumn and disappears towards the end of the winter. Every year you see many variants of the pied-de-poule trend, especially different color combinations.

As you can see here in the picture, you see the most common black and white combination. It is therefore 2 colors that are very easy to combine.

Here you see the other most common color combination, dark brown and white. You can easily combine these with the colors black, white and beige.

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